Cherish the precious moments with the help of a Bliss Newborn Care Specialist

Your beautiful baby means the world to you, but a million tasks and exhaustion are keeping you from cherishing your time together.

You’re not alone. All parents need help.

Founded by moms who truly understand what you’re going through, Bliss Newborn Care in Chicago can help you enjoy the precious moments. Our certified newborn care specialists can relieve some of your burden and let you focus on your new bundle of joy.

Do you need a Newborn Care Specialist?

Does the idea of a baby nanny sound good, but you’re not sure if really need one? Find out with this fun quiz.

  • Have you called the hospital complaining that you lost your baby’s instruction manual?
  • Could appear as an extra on The Walking Dead without needing to alter your appearance?
  • Do you try to “sleep” by closing one eye at a time while performing some task?
  • Has it been several days since you showered or changed your clothes?
  • Does your most exciting fantasy involve sleeping for eight consecutive hours?
  • Does your family’s idea of helping involve a lot of questionable advice (like, “a little rum in his bottle used to calm my baby”), but very little actual help?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, you could benefit from our infant care services. Contact Bliss Newborn Care today to schedule a consultation with a certified newborn care specialist and preserve your sanity.


Get a better night’s sleep with infant sleep training

Are you up all night with your newborn? Sleep training may be the answer for you. A sleep nanny can develop and implement a plan to help your baby sleep through the night.

Discover how our infant sleep training services can potentially provide you and your baby with as much as eleven hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Parent education: From baby proofing to breast feeding and more

Parenting advice from your friends and family is nice, but it may not be accurate or helpful. Our parent education services can teach you everything from how to buy safe baby products to the proper way to baby proof your house – and so much more.

Prepare yourself for the arrival of your little one with our in-home newborn care education services.

Get a needed extra pair of hands with in-home infant care

Bringing your newborn home is exciting … and overwhelming. Babies may not come with an instruction manual, but you can get guidance and assistance from our newborn care specialists. Our baby nurses are available to help you day or night. Ease your baby’s arrival home with our newborn care services. Discover how a baby nurse can make your life easier. Make the transition from a zombie to super mom!

Bliss Newborn Care is located in Chicago, but our certified newborn care specialists are located throughout the surrounding Illinois counties and Northwest Indiana. Call 312-802-8830 for a consultation!

Note: Bliss Newborn Care, LLC is not intended to replace the advice or guidance of your baby’s doctor. Consult ALL doctors and medical professionals involved in your baby’s care before any medical (e.g., feeding, medications, therapy, etc.) changes are made.