Your hands-on newborn instruction manual:
Affordable, certified baby nurse.

No matter how much you prepare, the first few months after you bring your baby home can be overwhelming. You want to enjoy your new bundle of joy, but you are exhausted, confused and possibly even a little scared.

Unfortunately, you don’t get to take the nursing staff that assisted you home when you leave. And, your baby doesn’t come with an instruction booklet. However, help is available with a baby nurse from Bliss Newborn Care in Chicago.

We understand that you may need help (and sleep) right away, which is why we will contact you right away, day or night.

So much more than a babysitter, our baby nurses are certified Newborn Care Specialists, RN’s, and postpartum doulas. Trust your newborn to a baby nurse with hands-on newborn care experience and credentials backed by the Newborn Care Specialist Association (NCSA).

Absolutely no hidden fees – you pay only an hourly rate.

Hiring a professional, well-qualified baby nanny is surprisingly affordable. Unlike
some other agencies, Bliss Newborn Care has no additional fees or hidden costs. You decide
on the schedule that’s right for you and pay a fixed hourly rate.

Do you really need to hire an in-home baby nurse?

Even experienced parents can benefit from an extra pair of hands. With the infant care services provided by our certified Newborn Care Specialists, you can:

Get the extra TLC you need following a difficult delivery or C-Section.

  • Learn tips to better care for your newborn and yourself.
  • Enjoy a restful night sleep and have the energy to spend quality time with your baby.
  • Ensure your home is safe for your newborn with proper baby proofing techniques.
  • Help your baby sleep through the night with sleep training and established feeding schedules.
  • Tackle extreme fussiness or quiet your colicky baby.
  • Know that your baby is properly cared for without trying to do it all yourself

Too often, well-meaning family members try to help, but they may cause more stress than calm. Instead, trust a qualified baby nanny to help you ease the transition of bringing your bundle of joy home!

Professional newborn care, whenever you need it.


Your baby isn’t on a 9 – 5 schedule – neither are we. Often referred to as “night nurses” because of our overnight services, our Newborn Care Specialists are actually available whenever you need them. Whether you need assistance in the middle of the night, during the day, or even on the weekends, we can help.Get the qualified, professional newborn care assistance you need to make your baby’s transition home a smooth one. Contact our Chicago agency today.

Give the ideal baby shower gift – What is better for a new parent than the gift of uninterrupted sleep? Mothers to be let your family and friends know how much you would enjoy this. Order a gift certificate or add it to your baby registry.

Note: Bliss Newborn Care, LLC is not intended to replace the advice or guidance of your baby’s doctor. Consult ALL doctors and medical professionals involved in your baby’s care before any medical (e.g. feeding, medications, therapy, etc.) changes are made.