Affordable, Professional Care for You and Your Baby with No Minimums, No Deposit & No Hidden Fees

Some infant care companies list an hourly rate or set rates, but don’t warn you about hidden costs that suddenly pop up, increasing the amount you must pay. At Bliss Newborn Care, you pay only the hourly rate for your Night Nurse (or day nurse), with no hidden costs!

Up-Front Pricing for Professional Newborn Care Services

With Bliss Newborn Care, you can get Certified Professional Care for you and your baby at affordable rates and flexibility to create a schedule that works for your family. Whether you are in downtown Chicago or any of the suburbs in Illinois and Northwest Indiana, you pay one flat rate, based on the education, experience and certification level of the Certified Newborn Care Specialist or Postpartum Doula you hire, and have the option to choose the hours and days that fit you and your family.

Our rates:

  • Certified Newborn Care Specialists, Postpartum Doulas and Certified Lactation Counselors start at $27 per hour for a single baby.
  • Registered Nurses start at $31 for a single baby.
  • Hourly rates for a Certified Newborn Care Specialist, Baby Nurse, Postpartum Doula and Registered Nurses increase based on the professional’s years of experience and continued education
  • Multiples: Newborn Care Specialist caring for twins start at $31 per hour and start at $36 for triplets. Registered Nurse caring for twins start at $35 per hour and start at $40 for triplets.

For a specific price quote for the Specialist that is the best fit for your needs, contact our Chicago office.

Affordable Pricing and Complete Flexibility with No Contract for Your Most Valuable Commodity – Sleep

Studies reveal that parents lose an average of six months of sleep during the first 24 months of their child’s life. Sleep nutrition is just as important as healthy, nutritious food. We can help you rediscover what a full night of uninterrupted sleep feels like.

Our rates for sleep coaching and gentle sleep training are also affordable and clear. Bliss Newborn Care offers:

  • In-Home Gentle Sleep Training for $450 per night. A Registered Nurse who is a Certified Gentle Sleep Consultant will conduct the entire sleep training process for you while you get an uninterrupted night of sleep. Three nights are best for optimal results. Price includes unlimited communication with support through text, phone and email for three full weeks. If you have multiples the price is slightly higher.
  • Over-the-Phone Sleep Consultation and Sleep Solutions begin at $350. Speak with a Certified Sleep Training Specialist to have a sleep assessment and custom sleep plan to achieve 11-12 hours of consecutive sleep for your baby or toddler. Price includes unlimited communication through text, phone and email for three full weeks.
  • Sleep questions? No problem ask as many as needed for $50 per day. This service is for families who have previously used our gentle sleep training services
  • Whichever option you choose, we will provide a step-by-step plan for nights and naps, tailored to the needs of your child and your family.

When you are ready to reserve our Night Nurses, Baby Nurses, Certified Newborn Care Specialists or Certified Sleep Consultants, payments can be made by check, credit card, Chase quick pay, PayPal or with our Bliss gift certificates. If you have a HSA/FSA health care savings card/flex spending account please be sure to submit our bill for reimbursement.

To learn more about Bliss Newborn Care or to schedule a free 15-minute consultation, contact our Chicago office today.