About Us

Bliss Newborn Care: Founded by moms like you.


Bliss Newborn Care: Founded by moms like you.

Moms who understand and can address your needs. Until you walk a mile in someone’s shoes, how can you understand her journey? Although each of us has a unique journey, motherhood is an experience that bonds many moms. The exhaustion of caring for a newborn, the sleepless nights, and the weariness from a c-section or difficult delivery – these are shared experiences. Bliss Newborn Care in Chicago was created by two moms who wished they had access to certified Newborn Care Specialists when they gave birth to their children. Michelle Shervino and the staff at Bliss are moms with the first-hand knowledge of what every mom needs to know. After the birth of their own children, they were surprised by the fact that they were not as prepared as they thought they were for the birth of their child. They each learned from their experiences the level of help new moms need.

We aren’t super moms – those women don’t really exist. They are two real moms whose goal is to give you the help they wish they had.

Certified Newborn Care Specialists allow you to enjoy your newborn’s homecoming

You have a million things to worry about when you bring home your bundle of joy. You shouldn’t have to worry if your baby nurse is qualified to help you properly. You also shouldn’t wonder if the agency you used ran a background check.

Bliss Newborn Care was founded by moms, so we understand that you are entrusting us with your baby’s well being. We wouldn’t provide you with anyone who we wouldn’t invite into our own homes.

Each Newborn Care Specialist and RN we provide to our Chicago-area families must:
  • Either be certified by the Newborn Care Specialist Association (NCSA) or be in the process of getting certified – ensuring you a high-level of professional care backed by an independent third party.
  • Be certified in infant CPR to protect you and your baby
  • Pass an extensive nationwide criminal background check, social security verification, and personal and professional reference check so we can verify who is coming into your home
  • Have a minimum of two years newborn care experience so they can handle whatever infant care needs you and your baby have
  • Meet with our team to make sure they fit with our philosophy of “our success is measured by your satisfaction”.

Don’t trust your baby’s care to just anyone. More than a babysitter, our certified Newborn Care Specialists are extremely qualified and vetted. They will make sure you and your baby get the care you need and deserve.


Affordable professional care for you and your baby with no hidden fees

Some infant care companies list an hourly rate or set fees, but don’t warn you about hidden costs that suddenly pop up – increasing the amount you have to pay. At Bliss Newborn Care, what you see is what you get: you pay only the fees listed below with no hidden costs!

You can get certified professional care for you and your baby at affordable rates. Whether you are in downtown Chicago or any of the suburbs in Illinois and Northwest Indiana, you pay one rate.