Gift Certificates


Valuable, yet affordable new mom gifts that truly help

Looking for that perfect gift for your favorite mom-to-be? Wish you could provide help to a new mother, but you live too far away or you just don’t have the freedom in your schedule to be there when she needs you the most?

Want to give a practical gift, but still “wow” them at the baby shower?

We have the ideal baby shower idea for you: a Bliss Newborn Care gift certificate.

These gift certificates can be used towards professional newborn care services in the Chicago area.

Gift certificates or flexible spending accounts are great ways to help finance a smooth transition to parenthood. Help your loved ones have happy and enjoyable memories instead of being exhausted, tired or anxious. You will be their hero!

Mothers-to-be tell your family and friends that you would love the help

As your due date approaches, you are becoming more and more excited about the arrival of your bundle of joy! But you are also trying to make sure you are prepared.

While there are many material things you need to add to your baby shower registry, don’t forget the most important gift of all: taking care of yourself and your baby.


With a Bliss Newborn Care gift certificate, you can ensure that you will have the help you need when you bring your baby home. You can use your certificate towards affordable newborn care services to:

What is better for a new parent than the gift of sleep? Let your family and friends know how much you would enjoy this.

Please note, when you use your gift certificate, we would ideally prefer a week’s notice. However, we understand that you may need our help sooner, so we will make every effort to have someone provide you relief and assistance as soon as possible.

Registering for this baby shower gift is easy

Your family and friends want to make sure you get everything you need for the impending arrival of your baby. Make sure they know that you need some extra TLC for you and your baby.

It’s easy to tell them about Bliss Newborn Care gift certificates. You can:

Include our contact information to your registry card in the invitations<

  • Add our gift certificates to your Amazon Wish List
  • Include the gift certificate information on any baby updates you send
  • Learn more about the options to give help to a new mother

You want to help your friend or family member who is about to be a new mom, but you may not be sure what you can do. With a gift certificate for newborn care services, you can ensure she gets the help she needs.

For more information about our gift certificates, call 312-802-8830 or contact our Chicago office using our online contact form.

Make a difference in the life of your loved one. Give her the gift of uninterrupted sleep, the support she needs and the ability to cherish special moments with her baby. Order a gift certificate today.