Hear from new moms like you: Bliss Newborn Care reviews

You would love to have real help when it comes to caring for your newborn, but how do you know who you can trust?

Trying to determine how to find a night nurse or baby nanny that is right for you? We pride ourselves on providing you with caring professional newborn care specialists. But don’t take our word for it. Listen to other moms and dads who were in your shoes.

Check out the testimonials below to hear what other moms (and dads) – just like you – have to say about our baby nurse services.

We have had an absolutely terrific experience!! Since our newborn care specialist visits a month ago, our daughter has gone from waking up every two hours through the night to sleeping soundly for at least 5 hours and then usually another 3.5 hours. Everyone was so kind and compassionate caring for our daughter. We felt completely at ease leaving her in their hands through the night. We are telling all of our friends about the great experience we had with Bliss Newborn Care and I would highly recommend them to any parent!

Katie and Matt L. of Lincoln Park

I sent an email to Bliss after I suffered a very challenging delivery, I was desperate and sleep deprived. Michelle immediately responded to my request. In less than 24 hours a very sweet, professional, extremely knowledgeable newborn care specialist was at my door. She was crucial in my recovery and was phenomenal with our daughter Sophia. The peace of mind you receive from knowing your baby is well cared for while you receive a good night’s rest is priceless. In addition to the excellent infant care they provide, the nurses have pampered us as parents with great parenting advice and wonderful words of encouragement. I highly recommend using Bliss Newborn Care; it is well worth the experience, confidence, and professionalism.

Rebecca and Brian M. of Chicago

Employing the services of Bliss Newborn Care was one of the best decisions we ever made! A registered nurse arrived on our doorstep to provide overnight newborn care just a few days after we brought our newborn twins home. Our preemies started being cared for by the help of highly qualified registered nurse. We felt comfortable with her immediately and knew the babies would be in great and very capable hands. She has an incredibly warm personality, but also a very gentle and wonderful way with babies. She shares her extensive knowledge and experience with you in a helpful, but non intrusive way. We loved having her in our home and her assistance has been invaluable. I would highly recommend Bliss for any type of newborn care you are seeking.

Jenny and Michael of Northbrook

We thought we were prepared, thought we could handle not sleeping, thought we knew the basics and boy were we wrong. Everything changed for the better after our Bliss night nanny arrived! She not only calmed our colicky baby but she managed to calm us as well. We began to sleep, our daughter was able to get on a wonderful schedule and now we are a happy well rested family. We can’t say enough about Bliss – thank you!

Sharon and Terry of Wilmette

As first time parents we were nervous but we were not expecting to need any type of assistance. My birth didn’t go exactly as planned. I felt very overwhelmed and my stress levels were rather high. I had a ton of questions and from the moment I called Bliss Newborn Care I knew I had made the right decision. The newborn care specialist came to our home and taught us practically everything we needed to know. Her professionalism and personality combined with her knowledge, patience and warmth could not have come at a better time.

Heather of Lincoln Park

After a relocation to Chicago due to my husband’s job change, I gave birth to my first child. Little did I know, I was completely unprepared for what it meant to be a mother. Having my family so far away and feeling alone proved to be a recipe for disaster. Soon sleep deprivation, and in hindsight, I believe postpartum depression, set in. A neighbor told me about Bliss Newborn Care, and so I decided to give them a call. I felt ashamed that my first newborn experience didn’t seem to be as joyous as all the other mothers who I had known, and so I was hesitant to call. Making that call, however, proved to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Michelle quickly put me at ease and reassured me that help was on it’s way. She paired me up with an amazing RN who came in for 3 consecutive nights to provide me with much needed sleep. I received so much support and encouragement and answers to all of my newborn questions. It was such a gift to both me and my family.

Jack and Madeleine K of Chicago

Bliss Newborn Care has been a lifesaver for our family. They have provided consistent, reliable, very educated and a highly qualified team to help us adjust to new parenthood. The customer service is phenomenal and the quality of care is excellent. Thank you for helping turn what started as a very stressful time in our lives to one with filled with much happiness and excitement.

Eileen and Doug G of Highland Park

I never thought I would be able to leave my daughter in the care of anyone but from the moment our newborn care specialist walked in the door I was put as ease. She somehow managed to calm the chaos in our home. Our family has been thrilled with the team at Bliss. They literally helped us survive a very difficult time. Our newborn care specialists and RN’s were always very professional and I could sleep easy knowing they were taking good care of our baby, Jonathan. I can’t say enough positive about them and the services they provide. We never would have made it through without them.

Tracy and Nicholas of Bucktown

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