Trusted partners to help your transition into parenthood

Whether you are the mom or dad of one baby or of multiples, you need resources and support. That’s why at Bliss Newborn Care in Chicago, we have partnered with numerous fabulous and supportive organizations.



Partnerships to provide you with exceptional newborn baby care

You don’t want just anyone coming into your home to help you with your baby. That’s why we have partnered with the most respected and extensive background check company – one that specializes in nanny background checks.

Rest assured that when you hire a baby nurse, registered nurse or postpartum doula from Bliss Newborn Care you are getting a professionally qualified and educated newborn care specialist who has a solid employment and personal background.


Trust a high standard of care

Bliss Newborn Care is working with the president of the newborn care association because you deserve exceptional newborn care and we are committed to giving it to you.

Our objective is to establish the highest standard of newborn care excellence. To do this, each sleep nanny, baby nurse, and postpartum doula must be adequately trained, professionally qualified, and highly educated in all areas of newborn care per the Newborn Care Specialist Association (NCSA) certification guidelines.

You and your baby demand the highest level of care. Contact Bliss Newborn Care today for a consultation with a qualified newborn care specialist.

Note: Bliss Newborn Care, LLC is not intended to replace the advice or guidance of your baby’s doctor. Consult ALL doctors and medical professionals involved in your baby’s care before any medical (e.g., feeding, medications, therapy, etc.) changes are made.