Get answers to your newborn care questions

As a new parent or a mom-to-be, you probably have tons of questions about your bundle of joy. You’re not alone.

At Bliss Newborn Care in Chicago, we have compiled a list of answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. If after you read the answers, you still have more questions about caring for your baby give us a call at 312-802-8830 – our goal is ease your transition into parenthood.

What is a baby nurse? What is a postpartum doula?

Baby nurses and postpartum doulas are both non-medical professional caregivers who assist you after the birth of your baby. Typically, postpartum doulas are seen as someone to “mother the mother,” where as baby nurses – typically referred to as Newborn Care Specialists – tend to focus more on care for the infant.

The role of a baby nurse is to assist, guide and educate you and your family on how to best care for your newborn. Although their focus is on newborn care services, baby nurses can also offer support to new moms. With a baby nurse, both you and your baby will be in good hands day or night, as each Newborn Care Specialist (NCS) is available for daytime, overnight, and weekend shifts as needed.

A postpartum doula is able to ease your transition home with your newborn. A postpartum doula will focus on your needs as a mother and make sure you are cared for and that you have the information you need to care for your baby.

Why would I need a Newborn Care Specialist?

Your baby changes so quickly and experiences so many “firsts” during those first few months, but if you are frazzled or exhausted (typical feelings for a new parent); you may miss the joy of these moments.

A Newborn Care Specialist can tend to your baby at night and create a sleep training program, so you can be well rested and embrace the joy of having your newborn home. Your NCS can also assist you with the daily chores associated with your newborn – from laundry to feeding and everything in between.

Can I hire a registered nurse (RN) to care for my baby?

Yes, some of the certified Newborn Care Specialists at Bliss Newborn Care are RNs, LPNs or CNAs. Registered nurses have a slightly higher hourly rate than non-medically training NCSs; however, if you or your baby needs additional medical care having a medical professional is worth the investment.

How long and how often will I need a night nurse?

There is no set standard for hiring a night nurse. Some of our clients only request a sleep nanny for a few nights, while others request overnight newborn care services for as long as a year.

How long and how often you use a night nurse depends on your needs. However, typically new parents, like you, will hire a night nurse for five to seven nights per week until the baby has an established sleep pattern and sleeps through the night.

How do I pay my Newborn Care Specialist?

You don’t have to worry about paying your NCS directly. When you enter into an agreement with us, your credit card will be put on file. Each week, we will automatically bill you based on the hours your baby nurse worked. Don’t worry; Bliss Newborn Care doesn’t have any hidden fees. You only pay the hourly rate for your baby nurse or RN.

Besides payment, what do I have to provide for the baby nurse?

There is nothing else you have to provide – besides a place for the baby nurse to stay during her shift. This can be in the baby’s room or in another room where she can use a baby monitor once the baby’s needs are tended to and your newborn is asleep. You don’t have to provide meals or any other food or drink.

Can one Newborn Care Specialist handle multiples or would I have to hire more than one professional?

Dealing with multiples is different than caring for one newborn. That’s why at Bliss Newborn Care we have a team of certified Newborn Care Specialists, RNs and postpartum doulas who have the background to work with twins, triplets and other multiples. We will pair you with the experienced candidate that best meets your needs.

How can I find a baby nurse/nanny I can trust?

When you invite someone into your home to care for your baby, you need to be able to trust that person with your most precious treasure. So how can you find a baby nurse you can trust?

You should look for qualified professionals who have passed rigorous background screenings and who have newborn care experience and credentials backed by the Newborn Care Specialist Association (NCSA). Our Chicago-based baby nurses/Newborn Care Specialists meet these criteria, including:

  • Nationwide criminal background check with social security verification
  • Personal and professional references thoroughly checked
  • Current infant CPR certification
  • Minimum of two years of newborn care experience
  • Certification as a Newborn Care Specialist (or in the process of being certified)

Be sure to check references and testimonials for the company and baby nurse you are considering. At Bliss Newborn care, we provide you with references and background checks for all of our Newborn Care Specialists and RNs. Also, unless you have a last-minute emergency situation that requires quickly filling, you and your family can have a face-to-face meeting/interview with your NCS.

What if I give birth early? Can I get the baby nurse at that time?

Even if you are scheduled for a c-section, your baby may have different arrival plans. Don’t worry. We know your due date is not set in stone, which is why we make your start time flexible. We have a team of baby nurses that will be able to assist you no matter when you deliver. Your baby nurse will be on call two weeks prior to (and two weeks after) your scheduled due date.

If your baby comes sooner than two weeks early, rest assured someone on our team will be available to accommodate you and help ease your transition home.

Can I buy your services as a baby shower gift?

Absolutely! Gift certificates for newborn care services are a wonderful gift for moms-to-be! Check out the options for these unique new mom gifts.

How can I hire a baby nurse?

If you are ready to hire a baby nurse, you can call 312-802-8830 or use our contact form. We know you want answers to your questions right away, which is why we will respond to you as soon as possible.

We can setup a consultation to determine which newborn care services will best meet your needs.

Located in Chicago, Bliss Newborn Care is able to send our certified Newborn Care Specialists throughout the surrounding Illinois counties and Northwest Indiana.

Note: Bliss Newborn Care, LLC is not intended to replace the advice or guidance of your baby’s doctor. Consult ALL doctors and medical professionals involved in your baby’s care before any medical (e.g., feeding, medications, therapy, etc.) changes are made.